Our project presents a multi-level system for the user. It consists of 10 levels. Getting a new level, the user receives a bonus to the standard percentage of the tariff plan, the profitability increases. Getting a new level depends on the user's activity, the number and amount of his deposits. You start with the first level!

When do you release your tokens?
To start the ICO of our tokens, you must first develop an algorithm for the operation of the cryptocurrency, collect the necessary amount for ICO. The approximate date for the ICO is next summer. We will notify you!

For starters, you should register, enter your username, E-mail and password. Then make a deposit. You will receive evecry second profits in accordance with your level.

To invite your partners to our project, you should copy the affiliate link in your personal account and send it to your partner. If he signs up for it, he will be assigned to you.

If you registered after the start, you can start working with the project right away: open deposits and make a profit, receive funds for referral fees. If you registered before the start, wait for the start of the project, invite new participants so that after the start as soon as possible you can start making a profit when working with the project.

The minimum deposit amount is 20 USD
The maximum deposit amount is 5000 USD

The minimum withdrawal amount is 5 USD
The maximum withdrawal amount is unlimited

We offer from 4.0% to 6.7% per Day for 44 Days

A referral program is a reward program for inviting new participants to a project. It allows you to receive 6% of the amount of each deposit of a first-level participant invited by you, 3% - from the second level and 1% from the third level.

You can invite any participants to the project, your profit on the referral program is not limited. The only limitation is that you cannot register accounts associated with the referral program.

The project is based on a fairly high level of security. Project funds are not concentrated in one place. Access to project funds from outside is not possible.

Yes, the project is completely protected from possible attacks.